Do we provide credit card swipers?
What about payment PCI compliance?
What types of terminals do you offer?
Are you fully certified by payment processors?
Who is our payment gateway and processor?
Is Apple Pay or contactless payment supported?
Do we support chip card terminals?
Which specific payment terminals do you support?
How long does it take for one unit to be prepared?
What kind of touch screen do we offer with our hardware?
What type of hardware brands do we offer?
What are the core parts of Acid POS?
Do you provide any type of training?
Can I add more power to my cloud server?
Do you offer backups?
Can I connect to accounting software and sync my data?
What is Acid POS software based on?
Can I create and control user permissions for Acid’s backend administration?
Can I see all of my inventory at once?
Do you export daily inventory?
Do you support perpetual inventory?
Do you have purchase order management?
Can I limit access to some features on Acid POS?
Can I sell memberships and subscriptions on Acid POS?
Can I use Acid POS if there is no internet?
Can I create custom customer fields?
Can I log into system remotely?
Can I ship items from another store?
Do you offer backups?
Can I limit access to some features on Acid POS?